GTA: San Andreas Coming To Playstation Network This Week

After being teasgta san andreas playstation 3ed and tortured with GTA V information and numerous screenshots, it’s about time that we get something to keep us from going crazy.

Thankfully, Sony and Rockstar are sorting us out with some classic Grand Theft Auto action in the form of GTA: San Andreas. Phew!

The game is going to become available after this weeks Playstation Store update, unfortunately though there won’t be any updated visuals or trophy support, it’s going into the Playstation 2 Classics section.

It’s not all bad though, you get to relive the criminal adventures of CJ and explore the massive open world of San Andreas, what’s not to like?

If you are one of those three people who slept through the last generation of games, I highly recommend GTA: San Andreas, and for those of you looking forward to GTA V, it’s a good way to prep yourself for the upcoming title which we should see in Spring 2013.

Expect it to fall in line with previous prices of GTA games, around £9.99 should be about right.

Will you be getting GTA: San Andreas? Let us know in the comments.