GTA San Andreas for PS3 Will Release Under ‘Greatest Hits’ Banner

A few months ago Rockstar’s seminal gang-banging, homie-hiring, fool slaying open-world sim GTA San Andreas made a surprise appearance as a physical disc for the Xbox 360. It had already been available as a digital download for some time, but the new physical edition sported enhanced graphics and support for achievements.

The PS3 is set to get the same treatment, too. The box art for the game has recently been revealed by Amazon¬†and it bears the same ‘Greatest Hits’ banner that we previously saw on the PS2 edition of GTA San Andreas. Oh how the years have gone by…

GTA V may be the mutt’s nuts these days, but perhaps some will find a reason to go back to the 90’s. We’re not entirely sure when this will be releasing, but Amazon seems to think it’s December 1st, but that could just be a placeholder date.


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