GTA V #1 Selling Game in EU, Bloodborne #10, The Order 1886 #12; EA Leads Market Share

gta v

GamesMarkt Magazine has published a list of the biggest selling games from the beginning of this year up until June. The results aren’t that surprising to be honest.

Rockstar’s GTA V took the top of the table while FIFA 15 took the silver medal and Battlefield: Hardline took bronze. Interestingly, despite it’s mega-promotion drive and relentless coverage (not all of it worthwhile, mind), the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne only managed to take the tenth place while The Order: 1886 only reached number 12, most likely due to poor word of mouth post-release.

Bear in mind, these figures are only for the first six months of the year, but they do paint an interesting picture of Europeans’ buying and playing habits.

There’s a handy table down below showing each game’s ranking within Europe. The rankings include all version of a game, so that means special editions and the like are included in the final tally.


EA has gone from strength the strength in recent years, no doubt thanks to pushing out higher quality titles. Sequels may make up most of the firm’s catalogue, but there’s no denying that most of its releases are highly polished. As such, EA has taken the lead in European market share as more and more players lap up its offerings.

Top 10 Publisher
Software Market Share – Value

01 (01) Electronic Arts – 15,05% (18,58%)
02 (03) Nintendo – 12,57% (12,32%)
03 (06) Take-Two Interactive – 10,79% (5,77%)
04 (10) Bandai Namco Entertainment – 9,52% (3,18%)
05 (07) Warner Bros. Interactive – 9,35% (5,26%)
06 (02) Ubisoft – 8,67% (15,07%)
07 (04) Activision Blizzard – 8,19% (9,76%)
08 (05) Sony Computer Entertainment – 7,62% (7,54%)
09 (09) Microsoft – 3,08% (3,59%)
10 (__) Bethesda Softworks – 2,50%

It’s always interesting to see what’s going on in the background of the industry, isn’t it? It’ll be a little more interesting to see the numbers come the end of the year. For now, though, this is how things stand as of June 2015.