GTA V Gets a Rare Discount, Available for £20.90 on PC

Some games tend to hold their prices longer than others. We’ve seen some AAA titles drop to under half their retail prices within weeks of release, whereas others have managed to keep selling within spitting distance of their original prices, much to the glee of publishers and retailers alike.

Rockstar’s GTA V falls in the latter category, especially when it comes to the PC edition. Most PC gamers opt to go digital when buying games (it’s just so much easier, isn’t it?) so they’re often left waiting around for a decent deal to hit Steam, Origin or one of the many other online game distributors.

That time has come, folks, as Green Man Gaming is offering the crime-simulator for the fairer than fair price of £26.79. But wait! There’s more! You can actually get it for a lower price. How does £20.90 sound? Criminal? Perhaps, but it’s totally legal and only requires you to use the code – 22EXTR-AOFFGT-AVOCTV. Not bad, right? You’ve managed to get a cracking game and you didn’t even have to mug someone for it. Feels good to be a respectable citizen every now and again.

Snap this one up while it’s still hot, though; there’s no telling when we’ll see the PC digital edition go this low again.

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