GTA V Next-Gen Screenshots Compare Different Performance Modes

Looks a’ight…

Looks a’ight…

GTA V isn’t officially out until tomorrow – March 15th – but somehow, a chap on Twitter by the handle @Lenlfc has managed to play the game early and show off some screenshots. (Update: The player lives in New Zealand, meaning it’s technically GTA V release day already.)

According to @Lenlfc, the images and video were captured using Xbox Series X hardware, though it’s likely the PS5 version will look more or less the same.

The user has posted a few images and a video on Twitter. The images show the same section of the game with the different performance profiles: Performance, Fidelity, and Performance RT, the latter being a mix of the former modes, incorporating some ray tracing effects with the benefit of 60FPS gameplay.

Performance Mode
Fidelity mode
Performance RT Mode
Left: Performance Mode | Right: Fidelity Mode
Left: Fidelity Mode | Right: Performance RT Mode

A video was also shared that showed the transition between characters – something that takes a fair bit of time on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s not lightning fast by any means, but it’s definitely quicker, moving the player from Michael to Trevor in around 10-12 seconds.

GTA V is being released for the third time on consoles from tomorrow, March 15th. This next-gen edition will boast improved visuals, higher frame rates, and a denser world to cause havoc in. PS PLus members can play GTA Online for free for the first three months of release. Otherwise, the game is pretty cheap to upgrade to on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, though the PS5 version is a tenner less for the standalone Story Mode.

Source: Twitter