GTA V: The North Yankton Massacre is the Single Player DLC We All Need in Our Lives

Rockstar set the bar pretty high Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV’s downloadable expansions. Both games were given hours of new content for a fairly reasonable price, too. So when GTA V hit shelves and racked up some crazy high-scores from reviewers (us included) – it seemed safe to assume that the famed developer would be releasing some extra single-player content.

That hasn’t happened – not yet anyway. There were rumours of a zombie-orientated expansion, but we’ve seen hide-nor-hair of it – not even a bloody leak.

Still, there may be hope of some player-created expansions thanks to the recent release of the game for the PC platform. We’ve already seen a ton of crazy mods, so it’s only a matter of time before someone more talented that the rest of us creates some sort of story expansion. Well actually, there could be one in the works. One user on Youtube has uploaded a very, very well-made teaser trailer (fan-made of course) that teases a horror/slasher expansion set in North Yankton. Check it out down below, then join us on Twitter to start pestering Rockstar.

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