Guerrilla Games: We’re Busy Working on Horizon, but Killzone Is Waiting

Guerrila Games is perhaps best known for the dark and gritty Killzone franchise, but it looks like the development studio is trying to make a name for itself outside of the futuristic series with the announcement of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla previously released Killzone: Shadowfall as a launch title for the PS4 where it received, well, not the best scores. It was a perfectly serviceable game on every account, but for some it just didn’t impress as much.

Don’t worry though – the series isn’t over just yet. Speaking during the live broadcast over on Twitch, the developers were asked about the Killzone franchise and what the future plans are. The developers gave a frank and honest answer by saying that they’re busy working their arses off with Horizon: Zero Dawn and that the other Guerrilla team (Cambridge) is busy with Rigs, but they haven’t forgotten about the franchise and that “Killzone is waiting.”

With the team currently doing all sorts of computer magic stuff to get Horizon out and into our hands in 2016, it may be a while before the team shifts its focus back to the Killzone series. It’s not dead though, so that’s pretty cool.


  1. Giving the series a break will be beneficial. Sure, it is no Final Fantasy VII by any means, but that still doesn’t mean fans do not want the game. Go back to the drawing board, figure out what went wrong, and go on from there. By that time, the new Killzone should be great!

  2. They actually have two teams Amsterdam and one in Cambridge. Horizon is being made by the Killzone 3 team while another team made Killzone Shadow Fall.

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