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Guitar Hero Live Finally Adds Some Tracks by The Killers for Christmas

Holy mother hugger. It’s actually happening. Ok, for some, this isn’t going to be the big news they were hoping for, but for the author of this over-excited post, it’s Christmas come early.

Your humble editor here won’t be playing Guitar Hero Live until Christmas morning (06:00, sharp!) but there’s a little gift from Activision and FreeStyleGames: The Killers. Yes, the Las Vegas rock group have finally got a few more songs on the Guitar Hero Live service, though it’s taken far too long.

As part of the festive celebrations, Guitar Hero Live will add two new channels to its Guitar Hero TV service, both of which feature some of the classic Christmas songs from Brandon, Mark, Dave, and Ronnie.

Christmas Rocks!

  • The Killers – The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball
  • The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song
  • The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)

Rock The Halls

  • All Time Low – Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass
  • The Killers – A Great Big Sled (ft. Toni Halliday)
  • The Darkness – I Am Santa

Fun fact: Did you know that The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball is actually a poem that dates back over a century? Basically, John Marston from Red Dead Redemption would have been humming this on Christmas morning. We’re all gonna be John Marston this year.

Alright, we’re excited (or at least some of us are…) but what about you? Happy to see more of The Killers, are you a soulless fiend who doesn’t appreciate their music? No bias, honest…

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