Guitar Hero Live Updated to Version 1.04, Bugs Get Squashed

Guitar Hero Live has been updated today, bringing FreeStyle Games’ revival of the franchise up to version 1.04.

It’s not the most exciting of updates though, as all the patch notes state is that bugs have been fixed. Yep, pretty bloody boring.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to download and install the update to play online, though PSN users may face some issues as the PSN is currently down. Still, the single player campaign isn’t that bad.

If you’ve still not gotten to grips with Guitar Hero Live and its new controller, we suggest giving our recent review a quick read if you’re still in the fence about it.

GuitarĀ Hero Live recently received some new content in the form of premium shows. It’s nice to see Activision is still happy to throw money at the service, isn’t it?

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