Gypsum Explained – New World

gypsum guide new world

Gypsum is a resource first introduced to New World in patch 1.1.2 along with the Expertise System. Ultimately, Gypsum is used to increase your expertise in an item slot of your choice. It is earned from many different activities at End Game, so let’s dive in.

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is a resource you can collect from a variety of activities which is then crafted into a Gypsum Orb. The orb can then be crafted into a Gypsum Cast. Gypsum Casts are crafted to be applied to a specific item slot of your choice, for example your headpiece or your gloves. Applying the Gypsum Cast to that slot will increase your expertise for that item slot, making it more likely for you to obtain gear of higher gear score in that slot.

Where To Get Gypsum in New World

The following table outlines where you can get each type of Gypsum. Obtaining the Gypsum is the first step, then you must craft it into an orb. Each type of Gypsum requires a different amount of itself to craft an orb.

It is also worth noting that once you have obtained enough of one type of Gypsum to craft an orb, you will be put onto an 22 hour cooldown. So if you have ran enough breaches today to obtain the 7 Amethyst Gypsum required for 1 orb, you will no longer receive Amethyst Gypsum from breaches for the next 22 hours. If this is the case, feel free to try one of the other activities in the chart to obtain the other types of Gypsum.

Gypsum TypeSourceGypsum Required for 1 Orb
Diamond GypsumEvents such as Winter Event. Earn by interacting with 3 trees of light each day.3
Topaz GypsumKill enemies level 55+. Need to have consumed Attunement Potion (See Below).10
Emerald GypsumOpen Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers.1
Amethyst GypsumOpen Breach Caches.7
Obsidian GypsumKill level 60+ Open World Named Bosses. 3
Sapphire GypsumKill final bosses in Garden of Genesis or The Lazarus Instrumentality.1
Ruby GypsumOpen Outpost Rush Caches (PvP).2
Citrine GypsumOpen Arena Caches.1

More on the Gypsum Cooldown

As mentioned, once you have received enough Gypsum of one type to make an Orb, you will need to wait 22 hours until you can receive that type of Gypsum again. However, you do not need to actually craft the orb if you want to save your materials. Simply wait the 22 hour cooldown period, then you can obtain more Gypsum again.

Example: Today you ran enough Breaches to obtain 7 Amethyst Gypsum. You can keep this Gypsum and wait 22 hours. After the 22 hour period, you could go finish more Breaches and earn another 7 Amethyst Gypsum, meaning you now have 14. You can continue this pattern if for some reason you want to stockpile these.

How To Get Topaz Gypsum

In order to actually obtain Topaz Gypsum, you will need to have consumed an Attunement Potion. This is what sets the Topaz Gypsum apart from the others.

You can craft an Attunement Potions once per day at a camp. You will need one of each type of tier 5 elemental reagent, or magical creature. These are the ingredients you will need:

Once you have crafted the Attunement Potion, go to a place you would like to farm level 55+ enemies for your chance to obtain Topaz Gypsum. When you get to the place, drink the Attunement Potion. You will have 60 minutes to obtain Topaz Gypsum. If you’ve drank the potion and now you have already obtained 10 Topaz Gypsum (as shown in the table in the above section), you will now be put on the 22 hour cooldown period. So if you already have obtained the 10 Topaz but still have time left on your potion, feel free to leave the area and you will not be able to obtain any more.

How To Craft Gypsum Casts

Now that you have acquired Gypsum through the activities we explained earlier, you are ready to craft Gypsum Orbs and then Gypsum Casts. You can go to one of the following areas to find a Kiln. A Kiln is the device you will use to craft.

  • Ebonscale Reach Settlement
  • Reekwater Settlement
  • Great Cleave Outposts
  • Edengrove Outposts
  • Shattered Mountain Outposts

Once you have arrived at one of these locations, you craft your Gypsum Orbs and then turn them into Gypsum Casts. Each Gypsum cast will increase your expertise in that slot from anywhere between 2 to 5 expertise increase. The closer you are to Expertise 600 for that slot, the more likely you will roll an increase closer to 2 or 3, rather than an increase of 4 or 5.

Also note that each time you use a Gypsum Cast, there is also an 22 hour cooldown on that cast. So you can only upgrade the Expertise rating of your gloves once every 22 hours. If you want to use more casts sooner, make sure you are crafting casts for each of your gear slots, since the cooldown is tied only to the specific item slot or weapon type.