Hal. Laboratory Reveals New Game: Boxboy!… And It’s Out Now!

… If you’re based in Japan, that is. The game’s full title is: BoxBoy: Mou Hito Hako – which happens to be the second in the series, from the renowned developer of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Following from the original game, BoxBoy, you the player take control of ‘Qbby’, in a 2D puzzle-platformer. With the power of producing boxes on the fly, Qbby can overcome box-orientated situations to reach the goal of each level more efficiently. As opposed to Qbby’s first outing, this time around you’ll be given the the added advantage of producing 2 boxes.

Hal. have added unlockables such as costumes, soundtracks, and comics, as well as Miiverse integration. First-time players have the ability to cross over costumes from the first game, too.



Here’s hoping we receive this game here in the West at some point. If you’ve only just heard of this little platforming gem today, it’s available now to purchase from Nintendo eShop. We’d recommend it!

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