News: Halo 4 Tournament Coming, Plus Chance To Appear In Halo 5

halo 4 competitionPlayers from all over the world can enter the Halo Infinity Challenge for free, with a chance to win one of 2,800 prizes. The competition is split into two tournaments that will run simultaneously, the first is a deathmatch based War games tournament which sees players accumulate points for each kill, while the second is a co-op based Spartan Ops tournament which sees players earn points for completing challenges.

Both tournaments will run from December 17 until January 10, and a global leaderboard will display your position in both. On January 12, players will be split into three tiers based on performance:

  • Tier one – the highest-scoring 10 per cent of players
  • Tier two – the next best 30 per cent of players
  • Tier three – remaining 60 per cent of players

Scores will then be reset and players can continue playing until January 19 where total points will then count towards final positions, at this point prizes will be handed out.

The top prize for Tier One of  the War Games tournament is the UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck designed by 343 Industries. For Spartan Ops Tier One the grand prize is a two minute appearance in the next Halo game.

Sounds good to be, plus it’s free. Why not give it a go, you might win some cool prizes and forever be immortalised in a video game.

Are you going to get in on this? Or do you not have the ‘mad skills’ to win? Either way, let us know in the comments.