Halo Infinite Armor Unlock Locations

If you are wondering how to unlock Halo Infinite Armor in the campaign mode, we’ve got you covered. There are specific Armor Lockers where you will find an armor drop while moving through Halo Zeta. When you capture an FOB, it will reveal MJOLNIR Armor Lockers that are close by, but it will not always show the all Armor Lockers.

There are 34 armor lockers total to find in Halo Infinite Campaign on Halo Zeta. These provide various different types of rewards as armor, nameplates, weapons charms, emblems, and more. The armor lockers in this guide will allow you to use these unlocks in the Multiplayer mode.

You can utilize IGN’s Halo Infinite Map Interactive Guide to select the locations you are looking for. This is an incredibly handy tool you should definitely check out!

Where To Find Halo Armor Lockers in Halo Infinite

halo infinite armor locker locations zeta
Halo Infinite Map from IGN

The shot above, from the interactive map, shows the approximate locations of all the halo armor lockers in Halo Infinite Campaign on Halo Zeta.

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