Halo Infinite Capture the Flag/CTF Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Capture the Flag/CTF Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Capture the flag/CTF is an objective-based game type, where teams compete to bring a flag, often taken from the opposing teams base, to a predetermined area, often your team’s flag or base. The player holding the flag is unable to move as quickly as the other team members or use weapons, and thus a bit more strategy is required to deliver the flag effectively just like how Oddball works.

Halo Infinite Capture the Flag Changes

Halo Infinite Capture the Flag/CTF Tips and Changes

Two of the most important qualities to take care of in any Capture the Flag game is the ability to drop the flag at any moment, and how momentum physics work while dropping the flag. Unlike the oddball dropping animation, removing the flag (by holding the Y button) leaves it just a bit away from where the player is standing, and while moving or spiriting, the distance can get a bit larger.

This is called in the community “Juggling” the flag. You don’t need to hold the flag all the time, and you don’t need to lose access to your weapons while holding the flag. You can just capture it and leave it continuously while moving, though it might need a bit of practice to actually get used to it. Through the new additions in Halo infinite such as the grappling hooks and field jumping pads, the distance of which the flag gets dropped away from the player can increase by a large margin.

Capture the Flag/CTF Tips

Halo Infinite Capture the Flag/CTF Tips and Changes

First of All, You don’t need to carry the flag all the way to the next base. Through a bit of coordination with your team members you can leave the flag at a particular place or location, and ask the next member to pick it up and continue the remaining distance. This can confuse the enemy greatly because they will be focused on recovering the dropped flag and unable to expect your next pre coordinated movements.

The Motion Tracker now shows any movement besides crouch-walking, which is different from Halo 5‘s threat detector that only showed enemies who are sprinting or shooting, so you have to make use of that to detect more than just the flag indicators. You also need to provide at least one person with a sniper rifle to provide cover from a distance, and base defenders with decent medium range weapons such as MA40 AR or Pulse Carbine.

Using the Grappling hook, you can jump long distances and Hold Y to drop the flag at even longer distances all by yourself. You can even make use of explosive animations from grenades to carry your jumps higher which is different from how bungie adds immunity to explosions in destiny. There are many potential tricks you can make with how hard you can push your jump and movement speed in Halo infinite.

If you are scoring much higher than your opponent, you don’t have to implement the same strategy all the time, and you can change to focus on defending the flag for the rest of the game rather than trying to steal the enemy base. It needs more coordination than usual and you will have to assign midfielders to reduce the amount of attackers on your base, and aid in intercepting enemies who just captures the flag and are trying to deliver it to base.

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