Halo Infinite Oddball Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Oddball

Halo Infinite Oddball reintroduces a multiplayer game-type featured many times in the Halo series. The objective is to locate the skull on the map and to maintain possession of it for the longest period of time possible. The default match setting is a free for all with one skull on the map, which players need to hold for two minutes in order to win. Also normally a player who has the oddball cannot wield other weapons, which makes them an immediate target for other players.

Halo Infinite Oddball Changes

Halo Infinite Oddball

In Halo 3 and Halo 4 Multiplayer, if a player holding the ball tried to melee an enemy with the oddball, it would be an instant kill. However in Halo Infinite this ability has been nerfed to a Two-Hit kill method, and also you can’t sprint while holding the ball which hurts the fast paced gameplay players had been used to since forever. On the other hand, you can use melee a lot faster with a ball or a flag than when you do with a gun.

Oddball Tips and Tricks

Halo Infinite Oddball

The changes to Halo Infinite Oddball can cause many players to adopt a totally different strategy to win. In our theory these changes were executed to increase player contact and avoid someone monopolizing the ball for as long as possible, hence the increasing need to strategize around defending the ball carrier, instead of just throwing the ball in advantages spots or off the edge.

Also if you are alone against an enemy, you can throw the ball directly at him and make use of his instant inability to counterattack to grab your weapons. Its better if you grab a weapon that is capable of doing big damage at close range like the Pulse Carbine and the Mangler. before actually getting to holding the ball, as it will allow you to act immediately as a guardian if someone else on the team has got to the ball before you.

Make note of Halo Infinite‘s new additions such as the ability to mark things on the map or drop weapons for other team members. Also each weapon rack has a progress bar that fills in gradually and is significant of how much time is remaining until the weapon respawns again in the rack. Giving attention to the weapons is as important as the ball especially if you are playing solo since you don’t know weather team mates will go for the ball or for the kills (many players are new and don’t get the rules yet).

Still, the most important thing is to engage with your team and the enemy, and never stop moving or thinking about how your role might change from a carrier to a slayer at any moment. There are a lot of Halo Infinite changes that cater towards that direction, and its affecting each gameplay mode differently. It’s also better to be playing with a team of friends because right now there is no option to queue for specific type of modes in Quick Play and Ranked.

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