Halo Infinite Skulls Guide

halo infinite skull guide

Halo Infinite Skulls unlock fun alterations to the gameplay. Skulls are nothing new to the Halo franchise, and have been a staple of fun easter eggs since the early days. If you enjoy being a completionist, or just want to try out some funky adjustments to gameplay, check these out.

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There are 12 skulls in total, each altering the way you play the game slightly. These skulls are quite difficult to find on your own. As you get closer to a skull, you will be able to hear a noise that gets louder and louder, the closer you get to the skull. If you hear this sound, you are getting closer!

You can utilize IGN’s Halo Infinite Map Interactive Guide to select the locations you are looking for. This is an incredibly handy tool so you can find all the Halo Infinite Skull Locations – you should definitely check it out!

Where To Find Skulls in Halo Infinite

The shot above, from the interactive map, shows the approximate locations of all the skulls in Halo Infinite Campaign on Halo Zeta.

YouTube Channel Halo Canon has posted a great video guide to walk through each location: