Halo Infinite Strongholds Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Strongholds Tips and Changes

Halo Infinite Strongholds is a multiplayer game type that focuses on capturing three static territories. You have to fight other players for the right to capture these different locations and defend them from the enemy team. This allows you to gather points gradually until you finish the match with more points than your opponent. You will have to combine both offense and defense strategically in order to win at this mode.

Halo Infinite Strongholds Changes

Halo Infinite Strongholds Tips and Changes

While power weapons were one of the most integral factors to map control, it seems they have been nerfed this time and many weapons do not annihilate enemies off the bat, they only break shields. Just like Oddball it seems the direction is to prevent camping and focus on giving players an equal chance to have a go at territory defenders. Even AR guns can do good if they are in the hand of someone who knows his stuff. The essential elements that determines weather you have a good defense or not is how you use the game’s equipment.

Strongholds Tips

Halo Infinite Strongholds Tips and Changes

The first ability you can depend on is active camouflage, as it turns you completely invisible, or at least blurry. The best thing is that unlike previous games you can activate it whenever you want, and not just when you pick it up. You can use it to get behind defenders quite easily. The over shield also provides a big boost both in offense and defense and it can be paired with close range weapons for maximum effectiveness. It can be activated anytime just like the camo as well so its pretty handy.

The Drop Wall is an actually shield you can deploy for a limited time in front of you, and shoot through specific sections of it without compromising your defense, and the Thruster allows you to evade quickly in any direction you want. The repulsor is also a nice little thing that repels anything coming your way, and lets not forget the Threat Sensor which can allow you to detect anyone sneaking up on you without issues.

Securing the best power weapon to control the map is essential, but having one of these helpful devices can also turn the tides of battle. Its best if you secure your middle base quickly as it gives you a better spawn point to jump into and saves you a bit of precious time in getting there. If your team decides to focus on offense, study your map and choose a suitable power position, and for defense the people with the best equipment should stay behind as they will have a much better time with their job.

Securing the best power weapon spawn points is as important as securing the strongholds themselves. Remember that in halo infinite enemies can steal your power weapon so tread cautiously with it and remember to escape and try to swap it when things get tough so you don’t lose it. Choose your position in battle based on how you communicate with your teammates and what do they need or don’t need at any current moment.

Always adapt and create repeating sub strategies in battle according to what you know and what transpires midflight. This is a mode where a high degree of flexibility is required and no one strategy is viable at all times. You have to decide for yourself what is the most important thing to do and manage your resources carefully in order to gain the most out of any offense or defense venture.

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