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Halo: Reach is Now Available on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

Fans have been throwing their weight behind Halo: Reach ever since Microsoft announced backward compatibility for the Xbox One during this year’s E3. Many games have been made available, but one that stuck out like a sore thumb after a long night of gaming was the omission of Halo: Reach.

Many fans consider it to be the finest game in the series (what about Halo Wars?! Guys? Anyone…?) and have lobbied Microsoft to make it available on the Xbox One. Previously, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that it would come to backward compatibility before it ever got a remake. Fair play to the lad, he’s bang on the money – the game is available right now on your Xbox One.

It’s been a long wait, sure, but it’s ultimately worth it. Xbox One is receiving new (old, really) games via backward compatibility quite often, with Microsoft asking fans what they’d like to see being made available. Red Dead Redemption would be nice, wouldn’t it? Perhaps in the new year…

Halo: Reach isn’t the only game being made available, though, as Microsoft has released a whole bunch of other games. You can check them all out here at Major Nelson’s nicely maintained blog. He does keep it in a nice order, doesn’t he?

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