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Hardware: Rivals Gets a Massive 3GB Update, New Content, DLC and More

Hardware: Rivals may not have been as well received as Sony may have hoped for, but damned be review scores and player complaints because Sony is still pushing out fresh updates for the colourful vehicle-based shooter.

The latest such update became available today with a whopping 3.3GB update that does more than just “add stability” a la the last update.

The new Hardware: Rivals update adds some new content and some new stuff for players to splurge their cash on. Oh, and the mandatory “general improvements” have also been added to the game.

We didn’t find Hardware: Rivals to be as thrilling as we’d hoped, but it’s a PS Plus freebie that’s worth picking up, even if it’s just to have a look. Who knows, you may even end up enjoying it.

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