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Hardware: Rivals on PS4 Updated to Version 1.06

Hardware: Rivals has a new update today on the PS4. The update brings the game up to version 1.06 and adds absolutely zilch to the game – at least as far as we can tell.

The patch notes are pretty barebones, too, offering only a small description:

General improvements and bug fixing.

Is it so hard to at least give us a bit more info? Ah well, at least the game is getting updated. It didn’t score too high in our recent review, and it’s not exactly been the runaway success that Sony had hoped for, a la Rocket League.

Still having fun with Hardware: Rivals, or has this one seen a speedy deletion from your hard drive?

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  1. I’m still giving it a chance.. Overall I feel they could have done alot better, I mean how long ago did twisted metal 2 come out? The game so needs some shaping up

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