Hardware: Rivals Update 1.05 Rolls Out Today, 3.3GB Download [Updated]

Despite being one of January’s PlayStation Plus freebies, Hardware: Rivals arrived with little to no fanfare. The game managed to whet our appetites with a beta test late last year, but it just doesn’t seem to have sat right with everyone else. Shame, yeah?

The game has a new update today that brings it up to version 1.05. The update is out now on the PlayStation Network and will take a toll of 3.3GB on your hard drive. It’s a meaty update, though at the moment we’re not entirely sure what it entails as we’re still in the process of downloading said update. Once we’ve got it installed we’ll post the patch notes here for your perusal.

It’s not a terrible game, so if you’ve got a PlayStation Plus subscription, we recommend giving it a shot. Our review will be posted in the next couple of days but there’s always our preview to get stuck into if you’re looking for some kind words on the game.

Well, we’ve finally got the download installed and the patch notes for the 3.3GB update are as follows:

Update 1.05

  • Bug fixing

And that’s it. Seriously? Three bloody gigabytes of update and that’s all we’re being told? Oh well, back to your games then, folks.