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harmony leap stone

Harmony Leap Stone

Max stack count: 999

Cannot be dismantled

A Leap Stone that holds Harmony Energy.
Used for Honing (Upgrading) gear.

Where To Get Harmony Leap Stones

The main source of Harmony Leap Stones in Lost Ark is through Chaos Dungeons. Make sure you read up on our guide to see what else you can get from Chaos Dungeons and how they work.

You can also get Harmony Leap Stones from the Guardian Raids in Lost Ark. See the Guardian Raid bosses that drop Harmony Leap Stones below.

Ur’nilGuardian Raid
LumerusGuardian Raid
Icy LegorosGuardian Raid
VertusGuardian Raid
ChromaniumGuardian Raid
NacrasenaGuardian Raid
Flame Fox YohoGuardian Raid
TytalosGuardian Raid
Night of WalpurgisDungeon
Nightmare Ghost ShipDungeon

What are Harmony Leap Stones Used For?

Harmony Leap Stone are used to upgrade your weapons and armor. Read more about upgrading items in our Lost Ark Item Upgrade Guide. These are used in the upgrade stage after Harmony Shards are used to increase the EXP to max. Then, you combine Harmony Leap Stones with Guardian Stone Fragments (Armor) or Destruction Stone Fragments (Weapons) to upgrade the item.