Harmony Shard – Lost Ark Database

Harmony Shard

Max stack count: 999

Item Type: Currency

Binds when obtained
Cannot be dismantled

A precious fragment rarely found in certain regions of Arkesia.
Its inner power is said to be sustained by the energy of stars that seeped into the earth.

Where to Get Harmony Shards

The main source of Harmony Shards in Lost Ark is through Chaos Dungeons. Make sure you read up on our guide to see what else you can get from Chaos Dungeons and how they work.

The Harmony Shard is also available as a reward from many chain quests, world quests, daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark. You can also get it from Shard Pouches:

Harmony Shard Pouch (L)300
Harmony Shard Pouch (M)200
Harmony Shard Pouch (S) (Epic)500
Harmony Shard Pouch (S)100
Life Shard Pouch (S)500

What are Harmony Shards Used For?

Harmony shards are used to upgrade your weapons and armor. Read more about upgrading items in our Lost Ark Item Upgrade Guide. Harmony shards are used in the upgrade stage to increase the EXP the item has, to make it ready for upgrade with the use of Guardian Stone Fragments (Armor) or Destruction Stone Fragments (Weapons)