Here’s Almost an Hour of New Need for Speed Beta Footage – It’s Looking Good [Update]

EA has released the new Need for Speed beta to those who signed up, well, most of them anyway. Some people are still sat at home, twiddling their thumbs while they wait for a code to magically appear in their inbox. Reality is that it’s not gonna happen, and the next best thing is to watch someone else play it. Yeah, early 90’s gaming at its best.

Now, we’d love to post our own footage of the game (seriously, can’t drive for crap) but the beta is under NDA, so we’d be naughty boys and girls if we did. As we’re law abiding citizens we won’t be posting our own videos, but we can bring you other clips from Youtube users who’ve decided the NDA doesn’t mean much. Naughty, naughty.

There’s a video down below (in Spanish? Portuguese) that shows a whole heap of gameplay. There’s also some proper cringe-worthy acting going on in the FMV cut scenes, too. More 90’s than we realised…

Need for Speed releases on November 3rd for the Xbox One and PS4. PC users will have to wait until early next year to get behind the wheel of Ghost Games’ latest entry in the franchise.

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon.

NOTE TO EA: The video isn’t ours: we don’t speak Spanish Portuguese (yet). Please don’t sue us, our bills have just come out so we’re skint until next week. Cheers.

[Update] The video has been removed, but we found another one, so all is good.

[Update 2] Unfortunately EA is cracking the whip pretty hard with leaked gameplay videos. It’s fair enough, really, as users are under NDA, but does the game really need to be hidden from the public? Surely it’s better to have a load of footage out in the open for those who may be interested in the game but didn’t get into the beta. Ah well, EA gonna’ EA…

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