Here’s What You Might’ve Missed About Warner Bros’ Multiversus

Remember the “Smash killer” that was announced last year in November? Let’s talk about that.

I last talked about the topic of whether fighting games should be free to play or not. Upon writing that, I remembered a free fighting game that should be coming out this year: Multiversus. I won’t talk much about what kinda game it is, if you’d like to see it, check out the video below.

This announcement video created a lot of discussion and excitement within the fighting game community. However, that would all die down over time, as that was the last we’ve seen of the game in video form. We’re four months into 2022 and there’s nothing new about Multiversus on the Warner Bros. Games YouTube channel.

If you’re on Twitter, however, you’ve been blessed to have seen some news. Not everything is huge, but if you’re starved for any information like I was, hopefully this article will suffice. Here I will be sharing all the updates and information that the Multiversus Twitter account has provided from November to now. So let’s get right into it.

Voice Actors

They talked a bit about the voice actors in the trailer, but on Twitter and their official website, they’ve credited each voice actor for the roles they will play. All of them seem to be original actors for the characters, with Kevin Conroy as Batman and Estelle as Garnet. However, due to mental illnesses and taking a break from voice acting and social media, Zach Callister won’t be voicing Steven Universe in this game. The voice actor that they do have though, Daniel Divenere, seems like he’d be a pretty solid Steven.

Full Speed Gameplay

You may have noticed when watching the announcement video that the gameplay footage was pretty slow. Some people thought that the gameplay was normally like this (myself included), while others thought the gameplay was intentionally slowed down. Turns out, it was the latter.

Nearly a month after that video, the development team behind the game put out a video on Twitter of how the game truly played, and it looks good. The voice acting of the talents also sounds really nice and not obnoxious. My only complaint is that they didn’t show more of the characters, which is less of an actual problem with the video and more of a statement for my anticipation for this game.

Steven Universe Update

At first I didn’t see much wrong with Steven’s design, but after looking at Twitter user @HoneyluneHeals’ feedback, the original model does seem more off than I thought. The team at Multiversus actually ended up listening to them and updated the render. Now Steven’s head is bigger, the eyes are further apart with no shine in them, and the skin tone looks more accurate. Also, his mouth doesn’t always look like his tongue is in a weird position.

This is irrelevant to the update itself, but Honey also made some alternate Steven Universe costumes to commemorate the redesign, which you can check out here. They all look very nice and I hope to see them all actually be in the game (I’m definitely using the Pink Diamond costume and, if it’s voiced differently, the Pink Steven costume).

New Character Confirmed!

Multiverse definitely has a wide net of characters in it, such as Shaggy, Finn, Superman, and others. That net seems to be getting a bit bigger as time goes on, thanks to official announcements and leaks of characters. The latest officially confirmed character is the genius of Mystery Inc., Velma Dinkley.

There’s not much information that’s officially out about her yet, not even a character render or a voice line. All we really got along with her reveal is a short video with her iconic catchphrase in it. Hopefully more comes out soon, cause I think this will be the character I’ll use the most, even more than Tom and Jerry.

Now you’re pretty much caught up on Multiversus. If you’d like to keep up with this stuff as it comes out, follow the Multiversus Twitter account. From there, you can also find links to the official Reddit community for the game and the Discord server. They’re also offering occasional play test offers and various job positions to people willing to help with the production of the game. If you’re interested in any of that stuff, make sure to check it out.

If you wouldn’t like to do that for whatever reason, I’ll be here to provide the latest bits of announcements and information that come out. What do you think of all of this? Would you like to see more things like this sooner or would you rather wait for a bunch of substantial updates and news at once? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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