Hitman Eliminates Platinum Trophies

Square Enix’s approach to Hitman’s release is still a bit of a mystery to us, but what’s even more baffling is the lack of a big silver gong for premium killers. Yes, Hitman will release without a one of those fabled platinum trophies, though the reason why isn’t so clear.

Hitman is being released episodically and the first installment is out in the hands of gamers today. However, our bald murderer won’t be netting you any platinum trophies for the digital cabinet. Perhaps it’s due to the nature of the game’s release, perhaps Square Enix just forgot (unlikely) but whatever the reason, we’re sure it’s going to tick a few people off.

Hitman is out today and we’ll be posting our review as soon as is possible. Stay tuned with The Games Cabin for more gaming news, reviews, outlandish opinions and more.

Are you a little bummed out with the lack of a platinum trophy, or will you still be enjoying the game regardless? Pistol whip your opinion in the comments section down below.


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