Hitman Gets a Release Date and Details About Post-Launch Content

Hitman was supposed to slink onto PS4, PC and Xbox One this December before it got dealt a heft delay into March 2016.

Today, Square Enix has announced that the release date for the game will be March 11th across all three platforms. That’s the simple of it, the rest of this story gets a little confusing.

Instead of the game being a one-time purchase, you have options. Yes, options. You can either “try” the game for $34.99 (or your local currency’s equivalent) or pay the full $59.99 and get the entire package. But you don’t get the entire package, not straight away at least.

Instead of going the traditional route by releasing a full game and being done with it, Square Enix will instead release the first part and then new levels post-launch.

The day-one release will contain six campaign missions and three sandbox locations and the post-launch content will – sod it, here’s an infograph which shows what’s coming. Still bloody confusing, though.


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