How Many TemTem Are There?

There are many TemTem to find in the game. Here’s the exact number.
Number of TemTem In Game
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If you’re playing Temtem, then you’ll likely want to know how many Temtem there are to collect. TemTem has many creatures to tame and train in the game. While its main competition Pokemon dwarfs it with decades of monster designs in their games, the developer Crema has an impressive number in its MMORPG take. So, how many Temtem are there?

How Many Temtem Are There In The Game?

How Many TemTem Are There

As of the 1.0 launch of TemTem in September 2022, there are currently 164 creatures you can find in this MMORPG. That number will likely grow with future updates to the game, but that is just speculation on our part.

At the time of writing, TemTem has 12 different types in the game. More will likely show up as major updates are added to this Humble Games published title. The types include Neutral, Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Electric, Nature, Toxic, Crystal, Melee, Mental, and Digital.

Some of the TemTem in the game require you to evolve them. This includes Zaobian, which evolves from Oree at Level 35 and Tortenite, which is the final transformation of the starter Crystle at Level 51.

Is There Trading in the Game?

Trade TemTem

With TemTem being fully online, you can of course trade your creatures in the game. To do this with friends, they’ll have to be invited to join your game. Then, when you’re close to each other, you can initiate the process. Pause the game. Go to “Friends.” And then, you can start trading with each other. You can also trade with random people in the game as well, who are nearby under the “Interact” option.

This feature is key as some TemTem need to be traded, in order to evolve. You’ll need to trust your friend very well, due to this. For example, the final evolution of Lapinate into Zenoreth can only be done when you trade your Azuroc with someone else. More TemTem will likely need to be evolved through trade, but Zenoreth is currently the only one as of the time of writing.

Keep in mind that you can trade with anyone, no matter the system they own as TemTem features cross platform play. It’s unfortunate then that it’s not free to play, which will restrict access for your friends to jump into TemTem.

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