How To Become Best Buddies With Pokemon In Pokemon GO


Researching how to become best Buddies with Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Bonding with your Buddy is a special experience and one that can net all sorts of Pokemon GO goodies. Raising your Buddy Level isn’t easy, though, as it takes weeks of consistent dedication to reach Best Buddy status. So, to make the process easier, below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to become best Buddies with Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How To Choose A Buddy Pokemon In Pokemon GO

You can only be Buddies with one Pokemon at a time, so choose carefully! To make a Pokemon your Buddy, open the Map View and tap on the Trainer Portrait in the bottom-left corner. Then, in the Trainer’s Profile Screen, hit the Buddy button to select a Buddy.

How To Become Best Buddies With Pokemon In Pokemon GO


To raise your Buddy Level with a Pokemon, you must collect Affection Hearts. You get Affection Hearts by completing various activities with your Buddy. The following activities reward Affection Hearts in Pokemon GO:

Walk together 

You can earn up to three Hearts a day by walking with your Buddy by your side. You’ll get an Affection Heart every two kilometres walked.

Give your Buddy a treat

Feeding your Buddy treats is good for up to three Hearts a reset. Three Berries count as one Heart.

Play together

Play with your Buddy in AR mode to earn one Heart per reset.

Battle together 

Earn a Heart a reset by using your Buddy in a Battle Party at Gyms, Raid Battles, Trainer Battles, Training, or against Team GO Rocket. 

Take a snapshot

Take a photo of your Buddy to earn an additional Heart every reset.

Visit a new place 

Travel to a Pokestop or a Gym that you haven’t been to with that particular Buddy to earn an extra Heart.

It’s worth mentioning that Poffin can greatly expedite the process of becoming best Buddies with Pokemon. Feed a single Poffin to a Buddy Pokemon, and its Hunger Metre will completely fill up. Also, it gets Excited, unlocking the ability to earn double the Hearts in every category for a limited time. And to top it all off, Poffin instantly earns you all six Hearts in the ‘give your Buddy a treat’ category.

Pokemon GO Buddy Status Requirements


There are four levels of Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Depending on how many Affection Hearts you have, your Buddy will be classified as either a Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, or Best Buddy. The Heart requirements to achieve the different Buddy Levels are as follows:

  • Good Buddy: One Heart
  • Great Buddy: 70 Hearts
  • Ultra Buddy: 150 Hearts
  • Best Buddy: 300 Hearts

Reaching Best Buddy status with a Buddy Pokemon can take as few as 14 days, depending on how often you complete your daily activities and your Buddy’s mood.

Pokemon GO Buddy Level Bonuses


Befriending your Pokemon has its rewards. Buddy Pokemon aid their Trainers and shower them with gifts depending on their Buddy Level. The Buddy Level bonuses are as follows:

  • Good Buddy
    • Adventuring Buddy
    • Readable Mood
  • Great Buddy
    • Catch Assist
    • Finding Presents
  • Ultra Buddy
    • Finding Souvenirs
    • Finding Locations
  • Best Buddy
    • CP boost in combat
    • Best Buddy Ribbon

Additionally, walking around with your Buddy Pokemon will net you Candy periodically, and depending on the Buddy, Mega Energy.

As you can see, reaching Best Buddy status with Pokemon in Pokemon GO has its benefits. Adventure together with your favourite Pokemon to raise their Buddy Level and become Best Buddies.

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