How To Catch Kecleon In Pokemon GO

Images via Niantic

If you don’t yet know how to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO, we don’t blame you. Known as the Colour Swap Pokemon, Kecleon is one of the most elusive Pokemon to debut in Pokemon GO. So, if you’re struggling to find and catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO, this guide is for you!

Where To Find Kecleon In Pokemon GO

You won’t find Kecleon via wild encounters, Raids, Special Research tasks, or any of the traditional ways Trainers discover Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Playing off its nickname, the Colour Swap Pokemon, finding Kecleon in Pokemon GO requires a keen eye for details.

Kecleon is chameleon-like, capable of changing the colour of its body to blend in with its surroundings. Because of this, Kecleon is difficult to spot. When in hiding, the only non-transparent part of Kecleon is the bold zigzag pattern that runs around its stomach.

Thankfully, Trainers will not need to scour every nook and cranny to find Kecleon. Kecleon only shows up in one spot — PokeStops. Specifically, you can find Kecleon camouflaged atop Photo Discs.

How To Catch Kecleon In Pokemon GO


To catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO, you must locate and visit a PokeStop where a Kecleon is actively hiding. If you try to spin the PokeStop while a Kecleon is on it, you’ll get a pop-up that reads, “there’s an invisible obstacle in your way. It’s preventing you from collecting items…”

To alleviate this issue, open the Photo Disc and tap the Kecleon. The Kecleon will squirm around, going in and out of camouflage. Annoy it enough, and the Colour Swap Pokemon will leap off the Photo Disc.

Now, exit to the Map View and you can find the Kecleon hanging out beside the PokeStop. From here, you can encounter Kecleon and catch it as you would any other Pokemon.

Can Kecleon Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

While not available yet, Shiny Kecleon will make its debut on February 18, 2023, at Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas. If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, you can grab a Shiny Kecleon during Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global, starting February 25, 2023.

That’s all there is to catching Kecleon in Pokemon GO. Next time you visit a PokeStop, keep an eye out for a camouflaged Kecleon!

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