How To Change Clash Royale Name

As you master your deck collection, win battles, and most importantly get those three crowns each game, you may be looking at how to change your Clash Royale name. Luckily, it’s super easy.

How To Change Username In Clash Royale

To change your name, firstly you need to be at least level 4. When loading up Clash Royale, hit the menu bar and head to settings, on the second row you’ll have ‘change name’.

how to change clash royale

Simply hit ‘Change Name’, enter your new name and press continue, you’ll then be prompted to enter your new name, and hit continue again, you’ll then be asked to type in all capitals ‘CONFIRM’, once done and following pressing ‘Okay’, you’re all set. Be careful as you only get 1 free name change.

Clash Royale name change cost

As mentioned, your first Clash Royale name change is free, so use it wisely. After which this has an initial cost of 500 gems ($4.99 / £4.49), and scales further with each name change.

There’s how to change your name in Clash Royale. If you’re looking for more mobile fun, check out our Best Free Multiplayer Mobile Games for 2022 guide.

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