How To Convert Your CS:GO Sensitivity To Valorant

A lot of CS:GO players, even pros, have transitioned into playing Valorant. These games are pretty similar in terms of weapons, movement, gameplay, and in-game economy. That is why CS players will be able to pick up Valorant easily. I think there are multiple reasons why these gamers have chosen to play another title. Maybe they got bored playing the same game and tried another title? Or perhaps they didn’t like that CS:GO is very hacker-infested? Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who want to transition into playing Valorant; Here is a guide that will help you get started. We will discuss how to convert your CS:GO sensitivity to Valorant:

It is a must to set the right sensitivity for the right game, but you should also be aware about the clicking technique and speed to beat your opponent! The online clicking tools like helps you to practice your clicking.

Importance of Sensitivity

Precision is essential in a tactical FPS game because of its low time to kill (TTK) nature. You have to hit your shots consistently. That is why you should be comfortable with the sensitivity you are using. It would be best to carry your muscle memory from another game to minimize the adjustments. Without further ado, let’s find your CS:GO sensitivity first. 

Finding your CS:GO sensitivity

To view your in-game sensitivity in CS:GO, you click the cogwheel at the left side of your screen. After that, go to the keyboard & mouse tab, and you will see the mouse sensitivity option on your screen. Take note of the numbers (including the decimals) for a more accurate conversion of your sensitivity.

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Calculating the sensitivity conversion

A lot of conversion types are scattered throughout the internet, but the most famous one is dividing your CS:GO sensitivity by 3.181818 to convert it. You can apply that method, but there are other better options that you can do to have a more accurate result. In fact, both of the games have a different field of view (FOV) by 3.26 degrees. A Redditor calculated the math for different field-of-views used in CS:GO and converted it to the 16:9 aspect ratio used in Valorant. He said that if you are using a 16:9 FOV in CS:GO you should try dividing your sensitivity by 3.3735. On the other hand, if you’re using a 4:3 FOV, dividing your CS:GO sens by 2.5316 will be the best way to go. 

For example, here is the calculation if I’m using a 3.00 mouse sensitivity in CS:GO:

If I’m using a 16:9 FOV in CS:GO, 3.00 divided by 3.3735 will be 0.889 and this should be my converted mouse sensitivity for Valorant. On the other hand, if I’m using a 4:3 FOV, the calculation would be 3.00 divided by 2.5316 will be 1.185.

You can do it the easy way by using different websites to calculate the conversion for you—like this one. But remember that doing it yourself will be the most accurate method of conversion because you can factor in the different FOVs of CS:GO. 

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There you have it, that is how to convert your CS:GO sensitivity to Valorant. Remember that mouse DPI also plays a factor in your sensitivity, so try your best to be consistent with it. If you find the settings that you are most comfortable with, avoid changing them to develop the muscle memory needed for aiming. Good luck on the field, agent!

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