How To Fast Travel In Need For Speed Unbound

Fast travel would be handy in Need For Speed Unbound, so is there any way to zip through the open world of this racing game?
Need for Speed Unbound Fast Travel
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Need For Speed Unbound lets you speed through the streets of Lakeshore City at an exhilarating pace. However, fast travel within the game would be extremely useful to get us from place to place, especially with a somewhat frustrating highway system. Here’s everything we know about fast travel in Need For Speed Unbound.

Is There Fast Travel In Need For Speed Unbound?

Fast Travel Need For Speed Unbound
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Need For Speed Unbound has quite a vast open world to explore as there’s an inner city area and a forested section of the map. Unfortunately, there is no traditional way to fast travel, and you’ll need to drive to all of the marked locations like hideouts and side missions.

However, at the start of each day, you do have the opportunity to spawn at any safehouse of your liking. When the map boots up for a new day of racing, you can hover the cursor to any safehouse location; they are marked through a house symbol. As you proceed through Need For Speed Unbound, more safehouses will be unlocked, giving you more areas to spawn at.

It’s quite disappointing that you can’t fast-travel instantly to popular spots on the open world map of Need For Speed Unbound. The Forza Horizon series, for example, makes it a little bit easier by buying houses and utilising them as fast travel spots. Hopefully, the next Need For Speed game will have a more comprehensive fast travel feature. Thankfully, the Need For Speed Unbound soundtrack does help entertain you as you ride around the city.

How To Upgrade Speed And Handling In Need For Speed Unbound

Need For Speed Unbound Performance ECU
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Now that we know regular fast travel isn’t available in Need For Speed Unbound, you’ll probably want to spruce up your acceleration and handling for your car. After the prologue section of Need For Speed Unbound is complete (which takes a few hours to finish), you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your car.

Go to any warehouse around you in the open world, and then select “Rides.” Head over to Performance and then the fun starts to begin. First, you can massively upgrade the car you’re driving by buying a new engine. The Wankel, which costs $66,000, can generate a massive increase in horsepower. For example with the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (1999), the horsepower is increased from 233 to 276 bhp. That’s a big jump and actually upgrades the car from B to A class.

However, if you’re low on cash, you can alter the parts too. One of the things you can upgrade is the ECU. With a higher power output from a sport engine, the top speed of the Eclipse GSX goes up from 157 to 167 mph and the car goes from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds from a prior 6.3 seconds.

You can also alter the handling of your car in this menu. The grip can be altered, as well as the steering sensitivity, downforce, and traction control.

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