How to Fast Travel in the New World

How to Fast Travel in the New World
New World

With a huge open-world map comes the everlasting urge to explore it and walking alone is gonna make it tedious instead of exciting. Plus, there’s a fat chance that you’ll miss things.

So, is there any way you can cut short the chase and fast travel in the New World in a  blink of an eye? Yes, Not one but two. And without further

Hold on! Before we start diving into the process, I think it’s very important for you to know two main conditions for fast traveling:

  1. In order to fast travel to someplace using shrines, you must have visited that destination settlement at least once before. You need not have checked in there, or just a casual exploring visit will do the trick.

  2. You are going to need Azoth, as a payment, for fast travelling in the New World. Azoth is the currency of the New World. You can get it by achieving accomplishments, completing tasks, or killing certain types of enemies. Make sure you’re loaded up with it if you want to fast travel.
  • How much you weigh (with all your stuff on)
  • How far is your destination from your position?

You’re also charged with a base cost of 50 Azoths on every fast travel you make.

Feel like bargaining? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! You can get discounts on fast travels if you’re either a member of a faction or work for the company of the settlement you’re travelling from.

But Don’t get your hopes high, it’ll be just in fractions, or small percentages, to keep it simple.

Fortunately, we have something more concrete for you. You can snag unbelievable deals of Azoths, also with Cheap New World coins and other in-game currencies at

They have bundles which you can customise according to your need and they deliver them to you instantly after the order, so that you can continue your adventure seamlessly.

One thing for sure, using SSEGold you won’t have to burn yourself to the ground in searching, collecting, and saving Azoth to explore the map.

How to fast travel in the New world?

Finally, comes the part you’re here for! Well, fast travelling in the New World is fairly simple, it is just a three-step job. After this guide, you’ll be able to do it blindfolded, guaranteed.

You need to find shrines in your destination. For that, open your map and look for shrine icons (Illustrated below).

Once you find that on your map, reach there. As you get closer, you should be able to see a blue beam reaching towards the sky. That’s your shrine! Get close to it and press E, once the map opens, choose your destination and Voila! The countdown will start.

Fast Travel Locations:

Instead of actually walking and searching every corner of your destination to find a shrine, you can use this shortcut method that’ll tell you where exactly every shrine is located on the whole map. How’s that fair?

You can visit map genie’s interactive New World map and check out all the locations of shrines in every corner of every destination in the new world.

Open the interactive map, and look for the shrine icons (white circled in the image below). Check out the closest one to you and rush towards it.

After playing and checking every shrine out there in the Map, We have selected 5 best shrines from a total of 26, keeping in mind the economical and location factors. These 5 shrines are the most Azoth friendly shrines you can ever find in the new world and they’ll be minutes away from your spawning point. So, Let’s start with the list:

  1. Cape Thomas beach– It is a first light settlement shrine located just a couple of miles ahead of Elder’s Bluff town across the Las Torres Bay.
  1. Las Torres Bay Lookout– this is also from the first light settlement, located on the North Western coasts of Las Torres Bay, just a couple of miles West from the shore.
  1. Hermit’s Shrine- This shrine is located on the South Western border of the Windward settlement on the freshwater river near Primrose town.
  1. Dreadscythe Lockout- This Monark bluff shrine is located at the intersection of Verdant crown and Deadman’s anchor road coming from Brigand pass.
  1. Achenar Gate- You will find this shrine also at Monarch bluff settlement between stout town and moonshade town. Make a left turn when you reach the dissection of the road and you will be just a mile away from the shrine.

Recall to Inn

How about I tell you a free method for fast travelling in the New world. This method can save you a lot of Azoth, especially if you want to return back to the settlement you fast travelled from.

It is called “Recall to Inn“. Which basically, as the name states, teleports you to the last Inn you had checked in.

It will teleport you to the last Inn you’ve checked in from anywhere, which means you don’t need to be in any settlement to use this feature. The best part is it’s totally free, no matter how far you’re from your Inn. However, you need to remember a few things:

  • You can only get recalled to one Inn. So, if you’re thinking of checking in to different Inns and beating the system, it’s not happening!
  • Once used, this feature can not be used for another 60 mins. However, you can reduce the cooldown time by spending Azoths.

Like I said, If used carefully, this method can save you a lot. So, if you haven’t checked in into any Inn, then here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the town of your choice.
  2. Open the map and look for the moon icon (See the Image Below).

    That’s the Inn of the town you’re in right now.
  1. Now just go inside and check-in. As simple as that.

The interactive map can also come handy here. You can check out all the Inn of New World with just a few clicks. On the left hand menu of the interactive map, scroll all the way down to services options and click on Inns and the map will start showing moon icons all over the map. Look for your closest one or the one you want to check in.

Bug in fast travelling in the new world

This is important! We’ve come across quite a few cases now where players are facing problems in fast travelling in the New World. While teleporting from one shrine to another, the game asks players to be in the shrine first, despite the fact that they are in shrines already.

Bug in fast travelling in the new world

Regardless of how frustrating it may sound, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Either it gets solved automatically after 5-10 mins or you have to restart the game to fast travel which isn’t all that fun. We’re sure that New World will fix this bug in their latest update.

And so there you have it. We’ve done our best efforts to make fast travelling easy for you and we really hope it helped you in the process and spice up your New World experience a bit. We wish you happy gaming, see you real soon again!


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