How To Find An Ancient City In Minecraft

Looking for an Ancient City in Minecraft? We have got you covered.
Minecraft Ancient City location guide

The Ancient City is a palace-like area in Minecraft that offers items, chests, and other things you cannot find anywhere else. But since Minecraft offers a neverending world with no clear description of how to reach a certain location, finding an Ancient City in Minecraft becomes daunting.

Keep reading our guide on how to find an Ancient City in Minecraft as we share the location and a few different methods using which you can easily reach an Ancient City in Minecraft.

How To Find An Ancient City In Minecraft

In Minecraftyou can find an Ancient City in the Deep Dark biome that got added with The Wild update, which was released on June 7, 2022.

Firstly, you must prepare yourself to explore the Deep Dark biome to find an Ancient City. You can take a few Potions of Night Vision, an Elytra, something for healing, and a few weapons.

After that, start digging right below along the Y-axis. As the name may suggest, Deep Dark is a cave biome located below the surface level. To increase your chances of reaching the Deep Dark biome and finding an Ancient City, we recommend you dig Y – 51 or even below.

Since it is a cave biome, there are chances you may fall to death. But if you have prepared as we said, you can use Elytra to save yourself. The Deep Dark biome is also very dark, with few light sources.

So, using the Potion of Night Vision will help you explore the biome and reach Ancient City. And the weapons and healing items are for the mobs and a chance of better survival against the infamous Warden.

Minecraft Ancient City Seeds 

If you are not into exploration, you can use the shared Ancient City seeds below to reach the exact location where you will find an Ancient City.

  • Ancient City seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players: -7969402200478764570
  • Ancient City seed for Minecraft Java Edition players: 2817169686383787731

How To Reach Ancient City In Minecraft Using Cheat Codes

Cheats and commands play a significant role in Minecraft. And thankfully, you can even use them to reach Ancient City.

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Depending on the Minecraft edition, use the following /locate commands to find an Ancient City and teleport there:

  • Ancient City location cheat for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players: /locate ancientcity
  • Ancient City location cheat for Minecraft Java Edition players: /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city

Doing so will show the exact coordinates for an Ancient City. Once you have it, you can use the cheat /[email protected], or command, whatever you like to say, to teleport to the acquired coordinates.

That concludes our guide on how to find an Ancient City in Minecraft

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