How To Find And Add Friends In Pokemon GO

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Finding and adding friends in Pokemon GO is critical to getting the most out of Pokemon GO. Without friends, you’ll never have a chance to acquire a Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO or one of the Pokemon that hatch out of 7 km Eggs. So, if you want to bolster your Friends List, stick around as we review how to find and add friends in Pokemon GO.

How To Add Friends In Pokemon GO


Every Trainer in Pokemon GO has a unique 12-digit Trainer Code. The easiest way to add friends in Pokemon GO is with Trainer Codes.

Follow the steps outlined below to add friends in Pokemon GO:

  • Enter Map View and navigate to your Trainer Profile.
  • Tap the Friends tab at the top of the screen to open your Friend List.
  • Tap “Add Friend”.
  • Enter the Trainer Code of the individual you’d like to send a Friend Request to.

All Trainers can view, accept, and deny Friend Requests via their Friend List. If your Friend Request is accepted, you will become friends and will be able to see their Trainer Profile on your Friend List. Ignored Friend Requests will expire after seven days.

You can only have 400 friends max in your Niantic Friend List across Pokemon GO and other Niantic apps. If you have friends in other Niantic apps who also play Pokemon GO, they will automatically appear on your Friend List in Pokemon GO.

How To Find Friends In Pokemon GO


While encountering like-minded Trainers out in the wild might be one of the most gratifying ways to find friends in Pokemon GO, there are many ways to construct your Friends List from the shelter of home:

  • Third-party sites like PoGO Trainer Club are designed with the sole intention of giving Trainers a place to find friends easily. You can filter by “Worldwide” or “Near Me” and view a constantly updated feed of other Pokemon GO Trainers, where they are located, what they’re looking for out of the friendship, their Trainer Code, and more!
  • The r/PokemonGoFriends subreddit is another excellent tool for finding friends in Pokemon GO. With over 569k members, maxing out your friends list will be a breeze!
  • If you want the ability to chat with your newfound friends, Discord is probably the best option. The r/Pokemon GO Discord houses over 133K members and has a channel dedicated to posting Trainer Codes and finding friends.

Benefits Of Having Friends In Pokemon GO


There are plenty of reasons to expand your social circle and make friends in Pokemon GO. Below is a list of benefits of having friends in Pokemon GO:

  • Track and compare progress with your friends. From Trainer Level to the number of Pokemon they have caught.
  • Trade Pokemon and spend less Stardust when trading.
  • Perform Special Trades and Lucky Trades.
  • Send and receive Gifts.
  • Receive an Attack bonus in Gyms and Raid Battles, plus get extra Premier Balls after a raid.

Increase your Friendship Level to enhance the benefits! Furthermore, you will receive a bundle of XP each time you increase your Friendship Level with a new friend.

Everything’s better with friends. Use the tips in this guide to find and add friends in Pokemon GO.

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