How To Find Fae Iron in New World

fae iron new world

Some crafts in New World require Fae Iron. You may have noticed this and wondered how to find or get Fae Iron. This is a green (uncommon) colored tier 2 resource. Take the Shaman Initiate’s Staff for example, a tier 2 life staff that can be crafted with the Arcana trade skill.

Fae Iron is derived from Iron Veins in New World and is classified as a rare resource. So you have been mining iron ore looking for it with no luck. You wonder where to find Fae Iron in New World. It was there all along right under your nose, you just didn’t have any luck.

As this is a rare resource, it only drops if you have luck while mining. Luck will give you extra chances to find rare items such as this while gathering. You can gain luck for mining several ways to increase chances for how to get Fae Iron:

So be sure to get your luck on and you will find some Fae Iron in New World!

Best Places to find Iron Ore for Fae Iron

We spent a lot of time in Everfall and basically made it our main hub during our journey in New World. There are some great opportunities around Everfall Town that are quick to get to and can yield some nice, quick trips to stock up until you are max weight, then head back to town in record time.

everfall iron ore map location new world

First Light – 2nd Best Iron Ore Location

First Light also has some heavily dense areas on the west side of the region where the rocky terrain is. Try these routes close by the fast travel shrine for quick access and return to town:

first light iron ore map location new world

Monarch’s Bluffs – Iron Ore Locations

Monarch’s Bluffs is quite a large region and for that reason, its not our favorite place to gather resources. However, if you find yourself in the region and are looking for the more dense areas of Iron Ore, check these routes:

monarch's bluffs iron ore map location new world

Windsward – Iron Ore Locations

Windsward also has some concentrations of Iron Ore, mostly around the edges of the region. Here are 3 areas you can target if you find yourself looking for ore while in Windsward:

windsward iron ore map location new world

Other Regions – Iron Ore Locations

Iron ore does exist in most of the other regions in the game, however it is not nearly as popular are the regions we have shared. Of course, if you’d like to see where else you can find these locations, be sure to check out the Interactive World Map.

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