How To Find Petrified Wood in New World

petrified wood new world

Some crafts in New World require Petrified Wood. You may have noticed this and wondered how to find or get petrified wood. This is a green (uncommon) colored tier 2 resource. Take the Adept Cryomancer’s Gauntlet for example, a tier 2 ice gauntlet that can be crafted with the Arcana trade skill.

Petrified wood is derived from Young and Mature Trees in New World and is classified as a rare resource. So you have been cutting these trees down looking for it with no luck. You think, where to find petrified wood in New World?

As this is a rare resource, it only drops if you have luck while logging. This guide explains various ways to increase luck for logging in New World. Luck will give you extra chances to find rare items such as this while gathering. You can gain luck several ways:

So be sure to get your luck on and you will find some Petrified Wood!

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