How To Find Splatoon 3 Google Easter Egg

The Splatoon 3 Google Easter egg is a fun little nod to the Nintendo game that pops up in your searches. Splatoon 3 keeps the colourful fun going and clearly, someone at everyone’s favourite megacorporation wanted to join in the festivities. Google has added a small Easter egg for anyone looking up the latest Nintendo game. Here is what you need to know to find the Google Splatoon 3 Easter egg.

Splatoon 3 Google Easter Egg: How To Find It

In order to see this Easter egg for yourself, you don’t need to do much. Head over to Google and search for Splatoon 3. From our testing, this seems to work on most browsers and devices. Once the results of your Google search show up, you should notice some commotion on the right side of the screen.

Beside the title of the game, ink splats will appear. Just like in Splatoon 3, but using the Google colour scheme.

Splatoon 3 Google Easter Egg: What Does It Do

Clicking on the Easter egg will cause a much bigger ink splat to appear. Now you can click around the screen, creating more splats and filling the screen with colour. There isn’t much you can do with it other than try to make some very rudimentary art, but it is a fun nod to the game. That said, many have noticed that the number 8 seems to appear in the splats seemingly at random. If that is a hint to something, an update, DLC, or perhaps Splatoon 4-7 may be launching soon to make way for Splatoon 8, it is hard to know.

Once you are finished inking and want control of your screen back, click the water drop icon at the bottom of the screen to clear away the ink. There is also a share button, which you can use to show off your creation on Facebook or Twitter.

That is it for the Splatoon 3 Google Easter Egg. To learn more about the game, check out our guide to Splatoon 3 meta weapons.