How To Finish The Best Defense Quest In Sonic Frontiers

The Best Defense Quest in Sonic Frontiers is quite difficult to understand at first, but once you know how to beat it, it’s actually simple.
Sonic Frontiers The Best Defense
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As you reach the climax of Ares Island’s storyline in Sonic Frontiers, you’ll be tasked with defending the little Kokos from Towers. However, they do seem tougher than their Kronos Island counterparts. Here’s how to beat these Towers in the Sonic Frontiers Best Defense Quest.

  • Get as many skill points as possible in Sonic Frontiers. It will help you tremendously.

How To Beat The Towers In Sonic Frontiers

You only have a certain amount of time left, and the Tower enemies are quite the struggle to deal with. For example, when they jump up and thump the ground, a wall of spikes is sent towards Sonic. As you approach each Tower, don’t attack them with a melee attack from the beginning. Instead, hold R2 (or RT on Xbox) and run towards the tower to run up it.

Reach the top. Now, quickly jump up and press the circle button (B on Xbox) to stomp Sonic’s feet on the Tower’s head. It will then be eliminated immediately. Do this four times before time runs out to finish the Best Defense Quest in Sonic Frontiers. Just like the Drain The Water mission, it’s pretty easy to understand once you know the method.

How To Succeed In Future Boss Battles

Sonic Frontiers Giganto
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To make sure Sonic’s in the best shape for boss battles like Giganto and the Wyvern, you’ll want to upgrade your stats as much as possible. A quick and easy way to get blue seeds of defense and red seeds of power is to actually fish. You’ll get tokens that you can use towards power-ups by catching rare fish, and it is easier than defeating mini-bosses around the open zones of Sonic Frontiers.

Major bosses will have Super Sonic draining your ring counter, so make sure you upgrade that stat too by finding lost little koco around the environment. You can also get 20 lost koco by using tokens in the fishing mini-game.