How To Fish in New World

fishing new world

How To Cast

The first step in how to fish in New World is walk to a body of water with your fishing pole equipped and press your Cast key.

A range indicator will pop up and you can extend the range of your cast by holding the cast key, releasing it when the indicator reaches your desired range.

How to Hook The Fish in New World

After casting your line, you will see the bobber indicator. When a fish approaches, the indicator will shake and move up and down. Before you attempt to hook, wait for the indicator’s signal to change. Too early hooking can cause the fish’s to swim away.

fishing_hook_indicator_new_world_wiki_guideThis icon indicates that it’s time to hook. To hook the fish, press the left mouse button. You have very limited time, as indicated by the circle in the center of the icon. The fish will swim away if it is completely depleted before you press the button.

fishing_reel_indicator_new_world_wiki_guideThis icon means a successful hook, leading to finally reel the fish in.

How To Reel

You can reel the fish in once it is hooked by pressing the mouse button. However, be careful to not let tension build up.

fishing_tension_indicator_icon_new_world_wiki_guidefishing_tension_indicator_icon_new_world_wiki_guideThis is the reel gauge, which has a small white circle filling up in the area around the icon. The mini-game ends when the reel gauge is full. The tension gauge at the center of each icon is important to be aware of. The tension gauge is located in the center of the icon. It’s green for good tension and orange for too much tension. Your line will snap if tension is too high and you’ll lose the fish.

Does Depth of Water Matter While Fishing?

The depth of the water in New World does affect your fishing results. This does not include fishing in hotspots. If you are not at a hotspot and simply fishing in open water, it is always more efficient to cast in deep water. Deep water will allow you to level fishing fast because the fish will bite much quicker.

After heavy testing, it was found that fishing in very shallow water in New World has an average of 15 seconds for a fish to bite, even with bait equipped. Compare that to a mere 4.5 seconds when fishing in deep water with bait, and you know this is the fastest way to level fishing skill.

Does Distance Matter When Casting a Fishing Rod?

Yes, cast distance while fishing in New World matters. The further you cast, the less tension you will have in your fishing line. This means that as you reel in after you have hooked your fish, you will be able to have a much smoother experience. You will be much less likely to break your fishing line when you’ve casted far distances. This is why it is important to upgrade your fishing rods to increase max distance while fishing in New World.