How to Fix Not Working Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories?

How to Fix Not Working Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories?
Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories

Sims 4 is one of the most playable games and there are too many features in the game. But sometimes some features don’t work perfectly. For example, Neighborhood Stories sometimes do not work well and we will explain how to fix this problem. 

What is Neighborhood Stories and how to play with this feature in The Sims 4 game?

Sims 4 is a game that comes with lots of features. Sims 4 has so much that your Sims can experience, resulting in exciting, and sometimes unexpected life-changing moments. Every single one of these moments adds to something significant: the change in life on an individual basis. The team has been looking at ways to bring that sort of life-changing transformation to the realm that is The Sims 4 through Neighborhood Stories. Neighborhood Stories comprise a series of games that have one goal that is to give additional vitality to Neighbor Sims who are not part of the household’s activity.

The first release will focus on Sims that are connected to your families such as coworkers they’ve come acquainted with, or friends who have encountered in their local Gym as well as the Library… Perhaps that Sim that welcomed the Sims into the neighborhood with a slice of fruitcake that’s a risky choice however, it’s to everyone’s taste I’d guess. Similar to how your Sims change as they progress through life, the Neighbor Sims are experiencing new life experiences that they are experiencing on their own, such as selecting a new profession or having a child.

How to enable Neighborhood Stories? 

  • You direct one of your Sims to influence a Neighbor Sim to consider a life change.
  • A Neighbor Sim autonomously considering a life change will always call one of your Sims to ask for input before taking any action. You choose the outcome by directing your Sim to say “Yes,” “No,” or leaving it up to the Neighbor Sim to decide.

If you can’t enable the Neighborhood Stories then you need to follow those steps: 

  1. Divide your mods/CC in half 
  2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file again, before opening the game with the half you’re testing
  3. If the game works with that half, test with the other half. (Again, delete that cache file before opening)
  4. Once you know which half is causing the issue, divide those in half and test again (delete the cache file again)
  5. Repeat the process until you find the culprit

In the event that Neighborhood Stories won’t work, make sure you update all the Sims 4 mods. Move the Mods folder onto your desktop to separate mods that are conflicting with the gameplay. 

Update your mods

The TOOL mod can sometimes block some times the Neighborhood Stories button for some users. Install the mod with the most current version and see whether the issue is still there. If so you can disable the mod to reinstate the function that is The Neighborhood Stories option.

Disable all mods

If updating your mods fails to fix the issue, then it’s likely that you’re having an issue with mods. Transfer the Mods folder onto your desktop. After that, delete the file localthumbcache. The file could still contain a mod cache. If you don’t clear it, you might have mod-related conflicts.

Repair your game files

If you try to repair your files these steps work for you: 

  • Launch Origin
  • Navigate your game library
  • Right-click on Sims 4
  • Select Repair
  • Restart Origin and launch Sims 4 again

If this can’t work your problem, let us know and we will find the right way for you.