How To Fly A Plane in Warzone – Where to find a plane?

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Planes are Seriously Fun in Warzone

With the new map Caldera out for Call of Duty Warzone, planes have been introduced and let’s just say… people are having a BLAST. You are going to want to learn how to fly a plane in Warzone, but first let’s cut to these Warzone plane clips, it almost looks too fun:


As you as you get your hands on a plane in Warzone Pacific, you may realize that these are hotly contested. You will likely get into some intense dog fights up in the air as your fly through. For this reason, you are going to want to come prepared and know all of the flying controls before you hop in the cockpit.

Warzone Plane Controls

This table shows the default controls for Warzone on each of the main platforms. Remember that you can also change your button layouts. If you have another preset other than default, check your settings for any changes. If you don’t like these default layouts, feel free to go in and change up your button controls.

Plane ControlPCPlayStationXbox
Aim Down SightRight Mouse ButtonL2LT
Advanced ControlsECircleRight Stick Button
Air BrakesSpaceXLB
Exit PlaneFSquareX
FireLeft Mouse ButtonR2RT
Free LookQR1RB
Barrel RollA/DRight StickRight Stick
SpeedW/SLeft StickLeft Stick
Change SeatsLeft CtrlL1A

Tips for Flying Planes in Warzone

  • To get off the ground, start speeding up by pressing forward until you have enough speed to lift off.
  • You can speed up by pressing forward, and slow down by pressing down.
    • Try slowing down while trying to shoot someone, it will be a lot easier than when you are moving fast.
  • You control your direction using the right analog stick or your mouse.
  • Land the plan by getting close enough to the ground to see your landing gear come out of the bottom of the place. Slow down as much as you can and when you start to land, hit your brakes hard, then exit the plane.
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