How to Gamble a Gull Dagger in D2R

How to Gamble a Gull Dagger in D2R

Welcome to our guide on how to gamble a Gull Dagger in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In this guide we will show you all the steps required to have the best shot at getting one.

What is a Gull Dagger?

Gull Dagger
Gull Dagger

A Gull Dagger is one of the earliest and easiest items to get for a starter magic find build. It is generally used in the weapon swap for farming sorcs to get the large magic find boost before killing their target. The Gull Dagger has a whopping 100 magic find on it as a level 4 unique. The only other unique to surpass it is an Ali Baba blade with 2 Ist runes equipped in it and a high character level.

Requirements for Gambling a Gull Dagger

To have the best chance at gambling a Gull Dagger, you need to have the following:

  • A level 11 character
  • Around 500k-5 million gold

The reason for the level 11 character is to be at the prime level for gambling the Gull Daggers item level. Once you have both steps acquired, head to any of the gambling vendors (We use Gheed in Act 1 due to the low character level) and start gambling Daggers. The Gull Dagger has a unique image of a darker dagger blade so it usually stands out from the rest.

Gull Dagger
Gull Dagger

That’s how you obtain a Gull Dagger from Gambling

Gambling a Gull dagger usually costs anywhere from 250k – 3 million but can take as much gold as it wants. The chance for a Gull Dagger is somewhere around 1 in 2000 daggers gambled.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Gull Dagger gambling guide and best of luck to you in your quest to acquire one.

Video Guide: Gamble Gull Dagger D2R

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