How To Get A Mount And Ride It In Temtem

Minox, which you can ride as a mount in Temtem
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Finding a mount to ride in Temtem will undoubtedly help you navigate the Airborne Archipelago more quickly and efficiently. While these special travel-assisting items aren’t available until late into the game, they can still be quite useful for tamers putting in lots of time to level up their Temtem Tamer Pass. Here’s everything to know about getting a mount to ride in Temtem.

How To Get A Mount And Ride It In Temtem

Oceara, which is not currently rideable in Temtem

In general, a mount is something like a Temtem or a vehicle that the player can ride on in order to travel more quickly. While you can still run into NPCs and battle them, riding a mount notably prevents the player from encountering untamed Temtem.

In addition, mounts function as key items, meaning they won’t take up any space in your party. There are currently two different mounts in the game: the Minox Steed and the Classic Scooter. Both of these mounts have a corresponding side quest that the tamer must complete to unlock them. 

How To Unlock The Minox Steed

Minox Steed mount in Temtem

To receive the Minox Steed, players must complete the aptly-named “Ride the Minox” mission, which is only accessible after finishing the main story. The player can start this side quest by speaking to the Inn Landlord outside of the Prancing Minox Inn in Greenglen Forest.

Afterwards, the player must interact with the saddle on the wall inside the inn stables, then ask the Stablehand for a bigger saddle. The Stablehand will instruct the player to go to Properton, where they must battle and defeat Lady Romanescu. She uses a powerful team of Mental-type Temtem, all ranging from level 90 to 92.

Upon defeat, Lady Romanescu gives the player a Borrowed Saddle, which they must take back to the Inn Landlord. Finally, the player must bring the Inn Landlord a Minothor, the evolved form of Minox, which they can exchange for a Minox to ride as a mount in Temtem.

How To Unlock The Classic Scooter

Classic Scooter mount in Temtem

Meanwhile, players can only get the Classic Scooter by completing the “Gotta StickTem All!” sidequest. This mission begins after the player talks to Feriha in Thalassian Cliffs. Afterward, the player can embark on a journey to find stickers hidden all throughout the Airborne Archipelago.

There are 200 StickTem! that the player must collect in order to complete this mission. While picking them all up will undoubtedly be somewhat arduous, doing so will grant the player access to the rare Classic Scooter mount that they can ride in Temtem.

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