How To Get Free PokeCoins In Pokemon GO

Images via Niantic

Are you wondering if it’s possible to get free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO? PokeCoins can net Trainers all sorts of goodies via Pokemon GO‘s in-game Shop, but usually, PokeCoins come at a cost. However, with some planning and strategy, you can get PokeCoins for free in Pokemon GO.

What Are Pokemon GO PokeCoins?


PokeCoins are Pokemon GO‘s premium currency. PokeCoins are used to purchase items from the Shop, like PokeBalls, Lucky Eggs, and Bag and Storage Upgrades. Trainers are used to using real-world currency to get PokeCoins, but if you’re dedicated and have the know-how, it’s possible to build up a reserve of PokeCoins without spending anything!

How To Get Free PokeCoins In Pokemon GO


The only surefire and consistent way to get free PokeCoins legitimately in Pokemon GO is to defend your team’s Gyms. You will earn one PokeCoin for every ten minutes your Pokemon remains at a Gym. However, the maximum number of free PokeCoins you can earn this way is 50 per day.

You will receive your PokeCoins once your Pokemon gets booted from a Gym. You can’t manually remove a Pokemon from a Gym, so it all depends on when a Trainer from another team is able to defeat it and claim the Gym for themselves.

If a Gym isn’t controlled by your team, you can always raid it yourself to make room for your Pokemon.

Bonus Tips For Earning Free PokeCoins In Pokemon GO


The best way to ensure that you earn the maximum number of PokeCoins each day is to spread Pokemon across as many Gyms as possible. You can have your Pokemon in up to 20 different Gyms, so take advantage!

If you already hit your free PokeCoins cap for the day, consider using berries to restore and increase the motivation levels of your Pokemon that are still out actively defending Gyms.

As for which Pokemon to assign to Gyms, focus on Pokemon with high Defence. Also, consider the Pokemon’s typing in relation to the Pokemon that are already defending a particular Gym.

Not everyone’s got the disposable income to spend real-world currency on PokeCoins. But if you can’t resist the goods in the Shop, it is possible to get PokeCoins for free in Pokemon GO!

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