How To Get Golden Acorns In Cookie Run Kingdom

Holidays are here, the Squirrel Shop is back and so does the Golden Acorns.
Cookie Run Kingdom Squirrel Shop

Cookie Run Kingdom is once again celebrating the holidays with The Squirrel Shop. And with that, we have one of the event-exclusive currencies, Golden Acorns in Cookie Run Kingdom, that many players don’t know how to get. Since you need it to get Special Goods from the Squirrel Shop, we have prepared a handy guide on how to get Golden Acorns in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

You can obtain Golden Acorns from the Acorn Gacha accessed via the limited-time Squirrel Shop you will find towards the west in your kingdom. 

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Since it is a part of a gacha, obtaining Golden Acorns in the Cookie Run Kingdom depends on RNG, in simple words, “your luck.” And that said, to perform gacha pulls in the Acorn Gacha, you need a currency called Crunchy Acorns.

The first single Draw in the Acorn Gacha, is free. Later, a single Draw costs 500 Crunchy Acorns, whereas five Draws cost 2500 Crunchy Acorns. There is no discount for performing multiple Draws. 

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That being said, you can get Crunchy Acorns by purchasing them using Crystals or direct microtransactions from the in-game Shop. Once you have enough Crunchy Acorns, keep performing Draws in the Acorn Gacha, and you will eventually get Golden Acorns. 

As we mentioned, you can use Golden Acorns to get the different lucrative items available in the Squirrel’s Special Goods section of the Squirrel Shop. 

To begin, click on the Squirrel Shop in your kingdom or use the event page to visit. Once you are in the Squirrel Shop, look on the lower side of the game screen, and you will find the stacks of items in exchange for Golden Acorns. 

Select the item you want to purchase in exchange for Golden Acorns, then make the purchase. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Golden Acorns in the Cookie Run Kingdom

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