How To Get Isabella’s Breastplate – New World

What is Isabella’s Breastplate?

Isabella’s Breastplate is a Legendary 605 Gear Score Breastplate in New World. In this article we go over how to get it and what the requirements are. Some of these legendaries are dropped by enemies, others are in chests, some are crafted recipes, and some are quest lines to craft a specific weapon.


Isabella’s Breastplate Stats At 605 Gear Score

  • 605 Gear Score
  • 25 Dexterity

Perks on Legendary Isabella’s Breastplate Void Gauntlet

  • Corrupted Ward: +4.8% Damage Absorption against Corrupted.
  • Physical Ward IV: 2.5% Physical Damage Absorption.
  • Sturdy Energy: When blocking a hit while below 30% stamina, gain 38% increased stamina regen for 6s (Does not trigger if Exhausted).
  • Refreshing Evasion: Reduces active cooldowns by 0.96% after exiting the dodge animation.

How To Get Isabella’s Breastplate in New World

The Legendary Isabella’s Breastplate has a chance to drop from Isabella in the Expedition Tempest’s Heart. You must be in a Mutation Level 10 or above to obtain the legendary drops from this raid.