How to Get More Kindness In Lost Ark

Find out how to increase your Kindness in Lost Ark!
kindness lost ark

In this article, we’ve found the sources of all Kindness Potions in Lost Ark. If you’re like us, you’ve inevitably come to a point where you are attempting to gain the affection of a certain NPC but you’re stuck; you don’t have enough of a Virtue Stat. Over time you gain Virtue Stats from many side quests throughout the game. But those rewards are few and far between.

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Where to Get Kindness in Lost Ark

Check out the table below for all the Kindness Potion locations:

Rapport: TrustedWorld Quest: Will
NagiNia Village,
Rapport: Trusted120 Wisdom
Guide Quest: Where Memories Begin
ThirainLuterra Castle, East LuterraRapport: FriendlyMain Quest: To the Glorious Wall
Quest: Obtain Bloody Spirit’s MemoryIcewing Heights,
Chain Quest: Wandering Memories Chain Quest: His Missing Friends (4th Quest)
Quest: Astronomer CurasoAstella (Island)Quest: Pure Heart Chain Quest: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (5th Quest)
Quest: BellitaNotos IslandQuest: WhalesongsGuide Quest: With Didi
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardLullaby IslandUna’s Task: A Boy’s Dream
Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardTooki IslandUna’s Task: Taking on Tooki – Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardFacility X-301Una’s Task: Android Emancipation – Reputation Level 3
Quest ObjectGlass Lotus Lake,
Chain Quest: The Forest Chamkuri Chain Quest: Demons! (4th Quest)
Quest NPC: Horse DollAzure Wind IslandQuest: Of the Meadow, To the MeadowQuest: Returning the Flowers
Quest: Buried in Flowers
Adventurer’s TomeEast Luterra30% Completion
Adventurer’s TomeYorn20% Completion
Mokoko SeedsMokoko Village,
100 Mokoko Seeds Collected Reward

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