How to Get More Wisdom In Lost Ark

Find out how to increase your Wisdom in Lost Ark!
wisdom lost ark

In this article, we’ve found the sources of all Wisdom Potions in Lost Ark. If you’re like us, you’ve inevitably come to a point where you are attempting to gain the affection of a certain NPC but you’re stuck; you don’t have enough of a Virtue Stat. Over time you gain Virtue Stats from many side quests throughout the game. But those rewards are few and far between.

You may also want to know how to get more Courage in Lost Ark, which is an important stat for combat.

Where to Get Wisdom in Lost Ark

Check out the table below for all the Wisdom Potion locations:

QuestTotopia (Island)Guide Quest: Her NameGuide Quest: The Case of the Missing Totopian
KaysarrGreat Castle, YornRapport: Friendly100 Charisma
150 Wisdom
World Quest: The Final Report
OreldaGlass Lotus Lake,
Rapport: TrustedWorld Quest: Dream-Stricken Elzowin
CalsWavestrand Port,
East Luterra
Rapport: Trusted40 Charisma
40 Kindness
Main Quest: Set Sail!
Toto ElderToto Silver IslandRapport: Trusted20 Wisdom
30 Kindness
Guide Quest: Totoiki’s New Dream
JaharaNia Village,
Rapport: Trusted120 Wisdom
Guide Quest: Where Memories Begin
GideonRania Village,
North Vern
Rapport: Trusted30 Courage
World Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardVernese Forest, North VernUna’s Task: Fairy’s Friend– Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardPort City Changhun, AnikkaUna’s Task: Anxious Mind – Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardTotopia (Island)Una’s Task: Totopia Tutor for a Day – Reputation Level 3
QuestAzure Wind IslandQuest: Meadow’s RiddlesQuest: Returning the Flowers
Quest: Buried in Flowers
QuestLuterra Castle,
East Luterra
Quest: A Risky Bet Chain Quest: Sir Meehan Is Watching You (Step 5)
Adventurer’s TomeYudia40% Completion
Adventurer’s TomeArthetine20% Completion
Adventurer’s TomeRohendel20% Completion
MinervaWisdom IsleTurn In 2 Giant’s HeartsCollect 2 Giant’s Hearts

We also have an explainer for how to get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark, which allows you to get an exclusive turtle mount.

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